2/25/09 VoA Run RECAP


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    2/25/09 VoA Run RECAP

    Post  Bareform on Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:06 pm

    Well we managed to get 25 people and lots of healers to the group suprisingly.
    Daniel, Uh's buddy logged on and got us through.
    As usual our tanks were on the sucking side. I think its time i start farming for tank gear as half the time, and Uh can attest to this, I out tank naxx geared tanks.
    Nonetheless, we downed him!

    Hunter Legs
    Hunter chest piece
    Pally tanking Legs
    Pally tanking Chest Piece

    Then Deathomen repeatedly annoyed me for not giving BOTH hunter drops to him because he says the other hunter just hit 80 and was barely geared for epics.
    I ran epics in blues just fine, AND TANKED THEM.
    If anything, the other hunter shouldv'e gotten both drops after Deathomen got face-raped in a duel by an under geared feral druid. Bareform?
    He also complained that he couldn't come to the 10 man (which we ended up not completing because of lack of time). I would think after getting a CHESTPIECE he'd be satisfied.

    Well hopefully sometime we'll be running at least the 10man's with mostly guildies and we won't have to run into this issue.

    Wish all of you guys could have been there! Next time!

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    Re: 2/25/09 VoA Run RECAP

    Post  Uh on Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:19 pm

    another case and point was that h nexus run last week or so. bare started on dps and ended up having to tank and we finished fine. i love when people are like, bare, you're TANKING? its hilarious, i love the hate. when all is said and done, the run goes smoothly. even in a place like heroic HoL which most everybody calls the hardest heroic. skill>gear

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