Story Time!


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    Story Time!

    Post  Bareform on Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:18 pm

    On a dark and story night,
    a man knew it was time,
    to finally break,
    the chains that bind his soul,
    but isntead broke his leg,
    in a struggle against,
    my man musk.

    So he went on a quest to find the true meaning,
    of the ancient prophecy of the demonic champion,
    and to find the whereabouts of,
    his lost,
    and eternally large,
    titan giant of the frozen fortress.

    The prophecy says,
    that the frocen fortress will fail,
    when the troll queen kozi finds his,
    talisman of power help in the grave of the great anscestor.

    If the troll queen kozi finds her talisman,
    she needs to place it inside her.

    After placing the talisman inside her,
    kozi must then feel,
    that the words of the goddess of the moon,
    must show her to feel the true power and greatness.

    Far far away, before color tv,
    the great knight of ice decided to embark on a quest,
    to find the evil wizard,
    that stole the last,
    known evidence of draenai in the story of warcraft.

    But the knigh didnt expect,
    the evil alien overlord zarjon,
    so he jumped off a cliff.

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